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Poker Online in Malaysia

    As a country, Malaysia may go by many names, but none of them correlates the country as a poker haven. The game has been declared forbidden since the last few years. This move may seem uncommon, especially when Singapore, its neighboring country gained the world’s fame thanks to its Marina Bay Sands Casino. Nevertheless, Malaysia chose to be different.

    The whole country is restricted for poker and any kind of gambling activities in Trusted Online Casino of Malaysia. No one should ever play the game, even as simple as poker online free. Break the rule and the path is straight to the prison. However, even these strict rules won’t ruin the fact that poker still lives and grows in Malaysia.     

    Today, online poker is one of the most famous live casino online games in Malaysia. Millions of people are playing online poker Malaysia every single day. Despite the restriction, the number of people playing this game keeps increasing every single day. People in Malaysia love casino games such as sportbook betting such as horse race betting, live roulette, 4D toto betting and online poker so much that the industry has managed to grow at least two folds in the last decade. Success stories are still spreading throughout the country about many people who built their wealth through this game.    


Living the Poker Online Malaysia

    When it comes to a poker game, there are various versions popular among the Malaysians. Among those games, the conventional and Texas Holdem poker online are deemed to be the most popular two throughout the peninsula. Both of them basically use the same rules of poker. 

However, there are some slight differences between them. The Texas Holdem version, for example, only allows each player to hold 3 cards in the beginning of the game, while the other 2 cards are dealt on the table. Also, in this version, the dealer joins the game, making it more challenging than the basic poker game. 

Basic poker

    The basic poker is the most basic online poker real money. The poker rules are standard. In order to win, your hands must value the highest among other players. There are many ways you can win the live casino poker game, but the fastest way is using hand combinations. From Straight to Royal Flush, each combination is made from 5 cards. The game ends when no other player can challenge you until the very last of your card. Now, it may seem too simple, but let’s never underestimate it. With 5 cards in each hand, there are plenty of hand combinations each player can make and it’s your job to guess their current hand. You should also predict their next moves in order to beat them. All of these ‘aspects’ lead to one interesting tip. In order to win, you have to memorize every card value and its possible combination. As you can see, the game, whether it is an online poker free game or the paid version, requires a very strong memory and strategic skill. Have both of them and you can easily win the poker game. 

    Another tip you may want to consider is bluffing. The idea is to make other players think you have or don’t have certain cards. It may seem simple but the presence or absence of a certain card in this game is crucial. It can alter the whole course of the game. If you do it correctly, you may force other players to move recklessly and make the wrong, fatal move. However, there is also a great risk if you fail to do it. Once the other players recognize your fake bluff, they may soon realize your current hands and possibly your next move. No matter you look at this scenario, it greatly reduces your chance to win the game. Therefore, it is always recommended to weigh the risk before making the bluff. Make a wrong move and your end may come sooner than you expected. 


Texas Holdem Poker

    Unlike the conventional version, the Texas Holdem comes with a slightly different rule. The first and most noticeable difference is not only do you play against other players, but in this game, you will also face the dealer. The second difference is about the Texas poker rules. In this game, instead of receiving 5 cards at the beginning of the game, you will only receive 3 cards. The other 2 cards will be dealt by the dealer facing down the table. Here comes the challenge. In order to win the game, you must make the strongest hand out of those 2 poker cards on deck and the 3 cards on your hand. As the game commences, the dealer will reveal one of the 2 cards. At this moment, you can either stay with your cards or deal additional cards. The game ends when the dealer reveals the last card. At this point, the poker game online winner would be the one that has the strongest hand out of all players.

    The game is more complicated than the conventional poker, no doubt about that. However, it is also the one that makes the game more challenging. The rule may be a little complicated for some people, but let’s not worry about that. The tip is focus. Instead of thinking only about your cards and your next move, you should also be careful of the other players’ moves. Make sure you memorize every dealt card and the odds of other cards in each player’s possession. Use this information to build your strategy and win the game. It is a crucial step that may guarantee your win, whether you play the game on the web or through an app, like the Zynga poker mod apk. 

    Another useful tip is about dealing extra cards. In this version of poker, you are allowed to deal extra cards. You can do this when you feel that your cards are not good enough and those extra cards might help you build a stronger one. It may be true. There is a chance that dealing another card will help you build a better hand. However, there is also a risk that those extra cards won’t do anything to you. Instead of getting better hands, they will just pile up and do nothing. Instead of getting stronger hands, you will just be wasting your time. In this case, dealing extra cards won’t be beneficial to you. Therefore, you should consider this move carefully. It poses a great risk and also benefits you. If the risk is far greater than the benefits, then it would be wise if you choose to fold instead of dealing extra cards. You may not win the game, though, but at least it keeps you from being placed the last in the game. 


A Wonderful Experience to Play Poker Online

    Playing poker never fails. It gives a tempting sensation that no other game can give. The problem is, it is not easy to find the right place to play the game. It is important to find the right place because only at a place like this, you will delve into the most satisfying poker experience. It is only at this place where you can earn the right reward for your efforts. So far, the only place that meets all those criterias is the Royal 888. It is a perfect place for two reasons. First, this platform allows you to play poker with real money and earn real money as the reward. Second, the same place allows you to deposit and withdraw your fund with ease. With their local bank support, all your funds will be deposited and withdrawn within only several hours after submission. 



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